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General Membership Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the last month of each quarter (ie. March, June, September and December) at 6:30 p.m.
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E-Board Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month at 4:30 p.m.

Stewards Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of even numbered months at 5:30 p.m.

Contribute to COPE Today!

Contribute to COPE Today!

CWA-COPE is the political action committee for the working men and women of CWA, their families and retirees. CWA-COPE informs and mobilizes union families to encourage their participation in the political process.

To contribute just fill out the payroll deduction card and give to your steward. For more information please call the Local.


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Local News Briefs

Notice of Nominations of Officers

July 13, 2023

CWA Local 7803 will hold nominations for officers on the following date and time:

Date: 09/14/23 Time: 6:30 p.m.

Where: Renton CWA Local 7803
16328 SE Renton-Issaquah Rd, Renton Wa 98059

Orange AT&T Mobility Contract Ratified

August 4, 2022

CWA members have voted to ratify a new four-year Agreement covering 12,000 AT&T Mobility workers under the Orange Contract. Congratulations on a hard-fought contract!

[UPDATE 6/21/23] 2022 Regional Labor Agreement now available.

The new Orange contract offers adjustments for inflation, adds parental leave, limits mandatory overtime, extends job security protections, curtails the outsourcing of jobs to third party retailers, and much more. With this agreement, we have the security of knowing that our wages will continue to grow over the next four years.

Although we know this agreement is not everything we deserve, we will keep fighting and are proud of what we achieved together.

Great contracts are not won at the bargaining table. They are won on the shop floor and in the streets. As more and more CWA members become active in our union, we will see our power strengthen. After nearly 7 months of mobilization and tough bargaining, we were able to avoid a strike. It was you and your coworkers who proved to the company that when we stand together, we win.

In Solidarity,

Dennis G. Trainor, Vice President CWA District 1, Unity@Mobility

Lumen Contract Ratified

August 4, 2022

The 2023-2026 CWA LQ/LUMEN contract has been ratified! 

We are pleased to announce that the 2023-2026 CWA LQ/LUMEN contract has been ratified, with an 83.19 % yes vote and a 16.81 % no vote. The ratification bonus of $1000.00 will be paid within the 28 days of ratification for active employees on the payroll, effective August 6, 2022. After a follow-up conversation with the Company, we have agreed to change the effective date on a few provisions that are part of the new agreement to the ratification date (see attached). This will give all LQ employees covered under the current 2020-2023 CBA an additional paid holiday (Martin Luther King Day) on January 17, 2023, instead of waiting until the new contract comes into effect on April 2, 2023. 

[UPDATE 6/21/23] Agreement now available.

The Company will also start hiring Network Technicians to meet their commitment to having CWA Bargaining Unit employees perform the splicing work for the upcoming fiber deployments, and the WFH employees will now be covered upon ratification of the new agreement. This change will give all WFH employees the same benefits as other employees who are already covered under the 2020 WFH MOA.

- Why did we change the effective date on some of the new provisions to the ratification date?

- This benefits our members and does not change or alter what was negotiated in the 2023-2026 CBA. The Company and Union agreed that MLK day is a very important day for our members to celebrate and reflect on the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr., and there is no reason to wait until 2024 for employees to be able to take this day as a holiday.  

The Company is also ready to start their fiber build outs and wanted to start hiring now so we have a workforce to perform this work. 

- How will my ratification bonus be taxed? 

- It will be taxed at the IRS supplemental holdings tax 22%, Social Security tax 6.20%, Medicare 1.45%, plus the state supplemental tax.  

- Will employees on STD receive the ratification bonus?

- Employees on STD are still considered active employees and are not on a leave of absence. They will be paid the ratification bonus.

Q-Will employees on a leave of absence be paid the ratification bonus?

A - It depends on the type of leave the employee is on. Employees who are on a military leave will be paid the ratification bonus based on USERRA considerations. Employees on STLA or a Union Leave of Absence will not receive the payment.

- What about employees who are on an ADA/Accommodation leave?

- They will not receive the bonus payment unless the employee returns to work by the end of the year, the Company will then pay them the bonus.

In solidarity,

CWA District 7 CenturyLink/Lumen Bargaining Team

  • Lisa Avila, Assistant to the VP
  • Paul Castaneda, Staff Representative
  • Michael Salazar, Local 7037
  • Anthony Scorzo, Local 7777
  • Val Packer, Local 7621
  • Thomas Denos, Local 7704

Tentative Agreement with Lumen

July 7, 2022

Lumen Limited Early Bargaining Report - #6

Your CWA Bargaining committee is pleased to announce that we have reached a 3 year tentative agreement with Lumen effective April 2, 2023 and expires at 11:59 pm on March 28th, 2026.

Your Bargaining Committee met with Lumen representatives last week for early limited bargaining. We spent many hours reviewing data and preparing our proposals, and we knew we had a limited amount of time together to address the priorities from both sides of the table. The Company came to the table with several regressive proposals. The Company wanted to take away pensions for new hires, lift the mandatory over-time cap of 8 hours to 16 hours, remove the double-time language for mandatory overtime worked between the 49-55 hours, remove the limitations in the call-sharing agreement with the non-represented employees, proposed that the retirees forfeit their accumulative HRA rollover balance, and change the credit consultant title to the CSSA title in Mass Markets which would have been a reduction in their base wage and an impact to their pension benefits.

When Lumen representatives asked us if we were interested in going to early negotiations we decided to hear them out after having several conversations on this as a committee. We felt that going into limited early bargaining was the right thing to do. If we were to go into full blown bargaining in 2023 the entire contract is open, and what we would gain and loose is unknown. While what we could bring to the table was limited for both sides, it enabled us to focus on our top priorities while retaining many provisions and gains that we have fought for over years of negotiations and our vacation, sick time and all other economic options would remain untouched.

Through the current negotiations we were able to keep all current benefits for active employees while making improvement in wages, bring in new work, job security, and a work from home agreement for those employees who are currently working as a fully remote or hybrid employee. Included in the agreement is substantial wage increases, a ratification bonus, and we were also able to negotiate an additional paid holiday to reflect and celebrate the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr.

If the tentative agreement is ratified the new expiration of the contract will be March 29, 2026. A $1000.00 ratification bonus will paid out to all our members within 28 days of ratification.

Considering the amount of issues that could be open in full negations we feel that protecting what we have is in the best interest for our members as we will be presenting this tentative agreement to the members for a vote. The contract ratification vote will be conducted by each Local, more information forthcoming.

The CWA Bargaining Committee unanimously recommends ratification.

Here is a summary of the terms of the agreement pending ratification from the membership:

Duration of Contract: The terms of the contract will become effective April, 2, 2023 upon ratification and will remain in effect until 11:59pm MDT March 28, 2026.

Wages and other compensation: 3 year hourly base wage increase. June 12, 2023 5%, June 10, 2024 4%, June 9, 2025 4%.

$1000.00 ratification bonus paid within 28 days of ratification.

New employees hired/rehired after January 1, 2024 will not be eligible to retiree health care. Retiree health care for active employees remains unchanged.

Retiree Health Care: Effective January 1, 2024 current HRA funds will not roll over to the following year. Any unused rolled over funds from previous years may be used to reimburse expense in subsequent years. Eligible expenses will be deducted first from the current year funds prior to the previous roll over funds. The Company will provide a notice to the retiree telling them the amount of roll over funds that they have available to them and how they may be used.

Increase base wage for Idaho Falls CSSA’s of $1.00 an hour at each wage progression step combined with the annual wage increases over the next three years. This will help close the gap in regards to the inequity of pay for CSSA’s who live and work in Idaho Falls to more closely match the hourly wage between what other CSSA’s are making in other areas. Currently there is a difference of approximately $3.29 an hour between Idaho Falls and the other geographic areas.

Added Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a paid Holiday, 3rd Monday in January.

Work from Home Agreement: Expanded language to all remote employees to be paid if there is a mass outage and they are unable to work, improved force adjustment language and protections for Fully Remote, Hybrid, and Work from Work employees.

Commitment to hire approximately 235 Network technician jobs (WS2) to perform Best in World Fiber splicing work with a commitment that there will be no layoffs for performing this work due to contracting.

Commitment to utilize bargaining unit employees to perform the National Network/Enterprise work. Titles that would be considered for performing this work are Customer Data Technicians, Central Office Technicians, Customer Service Specialist, Network Technician, CPE technician, and Broadband Technician.

Commitment to bring back 20% of the chat work from the vendor in the internet repair centers. This will bring back more work from the vendor and increase the floor of total work being performed by bargaining unit employees from 40% to 50%.

Letter of agreement on Contracting of Work: The Company agrees to review and discuss any contracting of work prior to any contracting being implemented.

Letter of Agreement on Performance Enhancement Programs: The manager must coach during the month end review meeting and identify the reasons why the employee is not meeting their metrics and the steps the employee should take to improve their numbers.

No changes in benefits for active employees.

In solidarity,

CWA District 7 CenturyLink/Lumen Bargaining Team

  • Lisa Avila, Assistant to the VP
  • Paul Castaneda, Staff Representative
  • Michael Salazar, Local 7037
  • Anthony Scorzo, Local 7777
  • Val Packer, Local 7621
  • Thomas Denos, Local 7704

Tentative Agreement with AT&T Mobility

June 30, 2022

CWA is proud to report that we have reached a tentative agreement for CWA members under the Orange contract at AT&T Mobility.AT&T Mobility Tentative Agreement

Read the latest report here.

Build Broadband Better

February 3, 2022

News from Broadband Brigade Leads, Fernando Roman & Shad Ercanbrack:

CWA was proud to support the Infrastructure Investment Act which is providing funding to buildout Broadband. Now our Broadband Brigade is working to make sure these funds are spent wisely at the state and local level so that the job is done right. This includes using the best available technology and using trained, experienced union workers to get it done.

Build Broadband Better videos at:
Twitter video
Facebook video
YouTube video

For more information go to buildbroadbandbetter.org

CWA Local 7803: Officers Election Results

October 8, 2020

The Results of CWA Local 7803's recent Election of Officers:

  • President: Darrin Hartman
  • Executive Vice President: Curtis White
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Mandi Parrott
  • Vice-President #1: Adrian Chavarria
  • Vice-President #2: Shayla Barries
  • E-Board: Bryan Running
  • E-Board: Barney Cadena

CWA Local 7803: Notice of Nominations of Officers

July 16, 2020

Date: 09/10/2020, Time: 6:30 p.m.
Where: Renton Local 7803
16328 SE Renton-Issaquah Rd, Renton Wa 98059

Officer positions:
  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice-President #1
  • Vice-President #2
  • Secretary/Treasurer

15th Annual Golf Tournament Cancelled

April 23, 2020

Due to the Corona virus and discussions with the golf course management we regretfully have to cancel our 15th annual golf tournament. We will be working on setting a new date for next year and will reach out when the times comes.
We look forward to seeing you. Cancelled Tournament Flyer

Sunrise Dental Is Open for Dental Emergencies

April 1, 2020

Sunrise Dental is a network of independently owned dental offices throughout Washington and Oregon. We are a group of dentists who morally believe that taking care of their employees and patients is our number one priority.

During these difficult times, the dentists and staff that work in our facilities are asking, how can we help? Sunrise Dental has served Washington and Oregon communities for 20 years.

The Sunrise Dental Emergency Network: Offering our community members a place to go if a dental emergency occurs, as most NW dental facilities will be closed and are not accepting patients at all. This will also help to avoid dental emergencies from going to our local hospitals during a time when those services need to be directed at those who are affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

More information and Locations

Lay-off Waiver for members with American Income Life policies

March 19, 2020

If any members that have policies with American Income Life, get laid off from work, the premiums will be waived for up to 3 months.

Lay-Off Waver Claim Form

American Income Life Insurance ad

Download PDF of this advertisement

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